We can help You
Raise Up to $75m
for your business
We've been doing it For 15+ years,
long before Elon Musk discovered
Reg A+ and started promoting it.
Securities Exchange Commission Reg-A+ allows
business owners and entrepreneurs raise capital
up to $75m directly through the public.
You can advertise and raise funds through
non-accredited investor (some restrictions apply).
We can do everythig from A-to-Z of Reg A+
and raise funds for your business.
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100% End-to-end SEC Reg-A Direct IPO consulting, planning, preparation, prospectus-development, advertising, investor-finding, interviewing, selecting, and funding your business. We also perform follow-on funding (secondary funding), TTW (testing the waters), and perform both Tier 1 and Tier 2, upto $75 million.

Funding Consulting

We describe the entire process for you, and everything that needs to be done at every step of the process.

Reg A+ Planning

Every step will be meticulously planned with associated time-line and what is expected to be accomplished with each milestone.


We will develop the prospectus (investment offering doc), and all the filings with both state and federal SEC agencies.


Prepare and conduct advertising within the legally allowed terms of Reg A+ and make sure there is adherence to all the local, state, and federal laws.

Investor Selection

Conduct interviews, select investors based on accreditation, and get signed verification for future protection to protect you.


Funds will be allocated to the company as per the regulations and exemptions within Reg A+.

Closing Filings

After funding, all filings will be completed, reviwed, and submited to the authorities as per SEC regulations.

Secondary Offer

Businesses can conduct this type of funding once a year. We develop a plan for your secondary offering in advance, you will thank us later.
Here's Elon Musk Describing Funding Through Direct IPO

We can help You Raise Up to $75m for your business

Each of our funding directors, has at least 15+years of experience. Together we have raised funds through Angel Investors in virtually 90% of all industries in U.S.

Meet Our Team

You get assigned a funding specialist that is experienced in your industry. Then we plan, prepare, set goals and milestones, agree to deliverables - and then together we get the job done.
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Results is everything.

We only take on projects we believe in and can deliver for. Let's discuss what you need and what is possible.

Israel Hoffman
Managing Partner
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Every business needs funding.

We know every aspect of funding through Angel Investors, so we do it right.

Nathan Levy
Managing Partner
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Team with a heart.

With all the uncertainties of business and entrepreneurship, you need a steady hand that can deliver. We are it.

Josh Landon
Executive VP
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It's easy, when you decide so.

Once together we decide what needs to be done, then together we make it DONE. As easy as that.

David Leibermann
Senior Executive
  • Professionals who know exactly what they are talking about and tell you the truth, rather than nonsense. We needed funding for our business and had no idea how to reach out to angel investors and what options we had. Our dedicated investment expert did all the work for us. Thank you.
    James H. Mason
    Elite Pacific, INC. CEO
  • iDirectIPO helped our business twice now with funding through angel investment over a 3 year period. We are very pleased with the level of expertise and customer service that we receive. The expert they put in charge of our account provided us with the highest level. If you are looking for an expert to help with funding for your business, I give two thumbs up and my highest recommendation.
    Elaine O'Sullivan
    Consumer Electronics Group INC, VP of Marketing
  • Responsive, knowledgeable, professionalism and precise ... are the words I think of when I remember the worl iDirectIPO did for us. Our company is very grateful for what you did for us. We were getting to a very tight financial situation and you came to our rescue. Jamie was just magnificent and incredibly helpful.
    Kurt Feeney
    Dreyfus investments INC, CFO

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