Apple Inc. (also known as apple computer, inc.) did a Reg A filing in 1980

Today, Apple Inc. has a $3 trillion market cap valuation.

This giant is known for its personal electronic devices (such as PCs and laptops) and leading-edge phones. It is admired as a technology innovator and has had an incredible growth.

However, if there are any entrepreneurs out there who need motivation to believe in themselves, probably there is not a better story than what happened to Apple Computer, Inc. when it applied to Massachusetts state securities division regulators to qualify for Direct IPO Reg A offering of its shares for $100 million.

In December 1980, Massachusetts regulators prohibited individual investors in the state from buying Apple Computer's IPO shares. They deemed Apple's IPO "too risky" under state securities rules (now often referred to as Blue Sky rules in Reg A) and they may have felt that Apple Computers does not have much future and may not be financially viable, hence attempted to protect their residents from investing in this "highflier" company.

The geniuses in the team of regulators decided that Apple Computer, Inc. may be TOO RISKY of a business model and hence turned it down.